ENERGI COLLECTIONYour home to refresh and recharge

Live an Energized Life

Fuel All of Who You Are

Imagine your day being full of the best fitness classes, a one of a kind, inspiring co-working space, a cafe with the best food and drinks, an inspired community of members who are shaping wellbeing, empowering events every night to make you better personally and at work, and an evening member only lounge to truly connect, live, network, and have fun with the most inspiring people.
Fuel Your Mind, Body and Spirit


When working out is part of your work, you need the best classes every day to be just steps away.
Your Classes cover everything you will need including Megan Roup's Sculpt Society, Amanda Kloot's AK! Dance, Body, and Rope, Holly Rilinger's Lifted and Sydney Miller's Housework.
Members also get the best yoga and mindfulness classes to clear your head and refresh throughout the day. Plus unique, exclusive classes only for members to see the latest and greatest around.

The place to be when you love what you do


Imagine 7500 square feet and three floors to energize every part of your dreams:

+ Gorgeous Coworking Space to create, have meetings with brands, create content, and renew

+ 1000 Sq ft Boutique Fitness Studio for personal use and creating video content

+ 1200 Sq ft Content Studio for photography and video

+ Beautiful Podcast Room

+ Woman Only Glow Up Room with exclusive products to refresh and be ready for the day and night, including a lactation room.

+ World's First Sleep Room and Lounge to fully recharge when you need

+ Conference and Meeting Rooms for engaging with brands and collaborations

+ Personal Coaching and Training Studio to meet with clients

Empower yourself and what you do


Imagine if the place you worked also made you better. A better person, a better entrepreneur, better at relationships, better at life.

During the day and each evening from 7-9 PM there are free member events, courses and panels led by the worlds best in wellness, leadership, fitness, entrepreneurship, social media and more.

There are ways to get better every day while having fun and networking with a unique and inspiring community of game changers.

Connect, Dream, Drink, and Create Magic


Imagine every night being able to go to a lounge and "bar" that is rooted in wellness. So beautiful lighting and music, amazing people, and only Life Giving tonics, elixirs, drinks and food.

This Member only Lounge allows you to come any night of the week and be with people you know, hang out with brands and partners and make deals, and meet new people with similar interests. It's basically a place to be YOU with other people that inspire you.

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