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Energi is a Feeling.

It’s the endorphins you feel after a great workout, the stress leaving your body during a meditation, the confidence you build from a leadership training. Energi is more than New York’s first event space crafted exclusively for your wellbeing; it is an ever-evolving, always-welcoming community that empowers you to step into your power.

Our Story

Our mission is simple:

To energize all of who you are. With a robust program of wellness experiences, game-changing programs, and mindful meetings—all coupled with group fitness classes—we address your entire self with an unwavering sense of possibility. Step inside our centrally-located space and feel the energi for yourself. You’ll never be the same

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We are located in the heart of New York City, just south of Union Square, and are open seven days a week. Come join our thriving community!

815 Broadway
NYC, NY 10003
Between 12th and 11th St.