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AK! Body
Amanda Kloots
AK! Body is as if you were in a private session with Amanda but in a class atmosphere. A mega mix of her signature dance class mixed with toning moves on the mat! In the body you focus on longer sequences that force you to focus-connecting your mind to what your body is doing!
AK! Rope
Amanda Kloots
AK! Rope is a completely original and NEW full body workout! This interval based class uses just one prop - the rope. It’s not just jumping, the class is 55 m
AK! Dance
Amanda Kloots
Burn some serious calories at this high energy dance party! This class is nonstop dancing to Amanda’s original and always changing dance routines. It promises to have your heart pounding, muscles burning, and a huge grin on your face as you have more fun than you ever thought you could working out! At the end you’ll tone your arms and abs and be out the door in 55 minutes.
AK! Baby Bump
Amanda Kloots
Amanda Kloots will lead you through a pregnancy workout that will help you better understand how to workout when you are expecting a baby. She will guide you through a 55 minute AK! Baby Bump workout and offer helpful tips and reminders for each trimester. Giving birth is the most physical event you body will ever go through so it is important to keep your body strong and train for the main event, birth! If you are an expectant mother is a class you don't want to miss! All trimesters welcomed!
The Sculpt Society
Megan Roup
Megan Roup brings an athletic approach to follow-along dance cardio and light weight sculpting exercises to lengthen and tone. Everything you need in 50min to create a lean, sculpted body.
Holly Rilinger
Lift your mind, body and spirit through a combined sequence of meditation and HIIT (high intensity interval training). Learn to train your mind the same way you train your body by harnessing the power of positive thinking to overcome physical and mental obstacles. The integration of thoughtful cardio strength training with meditation will help you develop the connection between mind and body and spirit. Experience what Holly’s calls “The Joy Factor”.
Sydney Miller
HOUSEWORK, created by Sydney Miller, is a full-body sculpting workout set to the beat of electronic and house music. This class combines rhythm-based mat Pilates with energizing strength and cardio circuits designed to take your flexibility, balance, and core strength to the next level. Using your own body weight, gliders, resistance bands, and most importantly, the energy of the music, you'll leave class feeling stronger, sculpted, and drenched in sweat. HOUSEWORK at it's core is about the music, the energy, and of course the squad who pushes each other start to finish.
Choreo Cardio
The Rickey Sisters
Do you love dancing? Do you miss dancing? Do you wish you could dance? Everyone is welcome into the safe space The Rickey Sisters call a Choreo Cardio class. Teaching “easier than it looks” choreography that will have you breaking a physical and mental sweat! Regardless of your dance level put your dancing shoes on and DO YOU!
Strala Yoga
Emily Chen
Strala Yoga is a sweaty yoga class that incorporates light weights in yoga flows + includes circuits of strength and conditioning to push you both mentally and physically. There’s a lot of freedom here to take it to whatever level you have that day-super hardcore or zen, it’s up to you! Just leave your ego at the door and be prepared to let go to go more.
Legs by Lauren
Lauren Duhamel
Lengthen your legs, lift your booty and uplift your spirits with Legs by Lauren. This hour long full body toning class sculpts your core, strengthens your muscles and improves your balance. This is NOT your typical trendy HIIT workout ladies, this is focused on boosting your confidence, building your #fitfam and redefining your body! Think: All the burn without the burpees! This is a low impact class - composed of small, slow paced, poised movements. The kind of workout that sneaks up on you, without adding stress to your joints. BEWARE: The LONG LEAN toned results you have been waiting your whole life for.
Sweet Space
Kathryn Avery
40 minutes of beat-driven dance based interval training, heart pumping HIIT and full body sculpting. Class is finished in the sweet space: 10 minutes of guided stretch, rest and release. Our lives can be full of stressors, your workout shouldn't be one of them! Come sweat it out and nurture yourself in the Sweet Space with Kathryn Avery.
B3 by Tomás
Tomás Rogers
Burn fat. Build Muscle...all to the Beat! This interval-based cardio, calisthenics and weight training workout uses the beat of music to build up a sweat, burn fat and build muscle.
Strength + Sculpt
Nina Marchione
"A beat based high energy full-body workout! This class aims to burnout and challenge each muscle group with weighted strength based sequencing, before moving into brief yoga flows and sculpt intervals. Class is programmed differently every week to help students increase their strength, stamina, definition, and mind-body awareness. You should leave this class feeling accomplished and tuned into your authentic individual power!!"
Sleep Gym
Energi Life
When everyone is tired, Sleep is the new Fitness. So come get your Daily Workout at the Sleep Gym TM. Enjoy 45 minutes of deep sleep and wake up full of energy to take on the day and accomplish your goals. Get Sleep Fit!